Sunday, May 03, 2009

Poker Player Grand Prix

I played awful and was out before the first break, lost most of my chips running a bluff against PP Ross Jarvis when I didn't need to get over committed. Eventually busted against the overall winner with an AKs suited push over his Btn Raise he made the call with TT.I Hit an ace on the flop and he hit his ten on the turn.

I busted early enough to play in the £40 freezeout so lost touch with the other Pl'ers - Dreamkiller, AA_Hall, RIVRD and Eyesallin. (I even missed the f***in Buffet !)

I travelled down with fellow Aceof Clubber, Mike, who,aided by lashings of Stella, and Vodka Red Bull, was running all over the table early doors - until eventually busting when his 66 All-In was called by 55 who proceeded to hit his 5 on the river - Mike finished in 15th.
(I'll let him recall his other bad beats )

We then moved onto the cash tables where we gratefully covered our expenses and more. The locals got a 'little restless' at times as Mike expertly portrayed a 'Hopeless Drunk' - tilting the real hopeless drunks on the table into donating to his Weekend away fund.

We finally hit the hotel at 5:30am.

The next difficult bit was waking Mike up before breakfast had stopped serving, so after the hammering on his door had yielded no response, I ended up having to climb out of my hotel room window and walk along the roof of the building immediately below until I got to Mikes Room. I then had to force his window, and whilst hanging half in/half out proceeded to throw the contents of his Tea Making facilities at the crumpled duvet. The 4 small containers of milk caused very little reaction, and the sachets of sugar made no impression. However I had more response when the teaspoon (expertly aimed I may add) hit around his temple area.

So breakfast devoured we set back off home, after a thoroughly enjoyable weekend in the 'Big Smoke'

I look forward to qualifying for next years -which after speaking with PP staff may well be re-jigged a little by the way of start time and blind structure, as the final table didn't finish until around 4:00 am


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