Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Britain has very Little Talent

Along with the majority of Britain, our family have been viewing intently the 'Britain's Got Talent' Semi Finals this week - Or maybe it should be renamed to 'Britain Sings and does a bit of dancing'.
The winner of the show gets a spot on the Royal Variety Performance, but there's very little variety in these shows its the same type of act everytime - two go through each show - which means 1 singer, and 1 dancer. I can't believe that not a single comedian was featured in any of the 'Audition Shows' never mind make it through to the Semi Finals. But if you sang or danced - then you where a shoo-in for '3 Yes's'.

Susan Boyle, is she really that good ? - If she didn't look like an extra from 'Deliverance' would she really have gotten all the attention she has ? ..... and is it really necessary to put complete tripe through to the semi-finals, when the only programme some of those acts should be in is their local 'Care in the Community' program ...... Just so Piers Morgan can be condescending and patronising, and basically take the piss out of people with the mental capacity of a flea.

Wouldn't it be just great if one of the people that they pull to bits - stands up to them and gives them a round of 'effs' and a few home truths ...... now that person would get my vote.

*** Oh, and have you noticed that all these Semi-Finals, and as far as I can remember in all last years Semi-Finals and the Final - every act that appears last on the show wins. And every tie break goes to a 2-1 vote on the judging panel.

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Ross said...

I noticed the last act usually went through and the votes were suually decided by the last judge..but not tonight it seems!