Wednesday, May 27, 2009

It looks like I'm going to post a losing Month for May, which is pretty understandable as the Cash Game gremlins have continued to rear their ugly heads with increasing regularity - meaning I reverted back to scratch at the end of the month and was never going to recoup my losses from that level - at least I'm not one to go chasing my losses.

So a rethink is required for June, and I'm going to file my cash game disasters under 'Been there done that' - and move on to my old stomping grounds of the Multi Table STTs. As my roll on Full Tilt is extinct I'll be playing them on Stars this time around, I've played very few of these this year - just 26 since the start of 2009 - and my record hasn't been great, but I used to make them pay before and I'm certain I can revert to type and make them pay again.
I think one of my problems is the lack of volume, so I'm aiming to be getting through around 50 a week for a start - with a ROI of around 10% that should give me a return of about $100 profit for the month on these, if I stick at the $5 level. Although I will set a few Bankroll rules to allow a bit of flexibility within levels.
The only cash games I intend to play is the 25 raked hands required for the VRoll Games - if I come out level on the Cash exploits, then I'll look on that as a bonus. I will however aim to play a few more MTT's and see if I can beat the variance and get a nice cash in one of those. I'll probably play these on Betfair as I like their MTT structures and I have an OK Bankroll on there.

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