Thursday, May 14, 2009

Enjoying Losing

Its been a poor month so far, with my attempts at reaching my Redkings points total via the cash tables - costing me a chunk of the winnings I'm hoping to withdraw. I may need to revert to 'Plan B' to get my money out.
On a (slightly) more positive side I have now managed to get my old PokerRoom balance added to my BWin account, I started my attempts to get it sorted before my holiday at end of March and even involved the The Ongame Ombudsman to chase up the matter.
Anyway after 6 Weeks the money has been moved, albeit I've lost around £5 as the exchange rate has changed since I set the wheels in motion.

Although the Bankroll has taken a bit of a battering at the cash tables, and I've not actually cashed in any of the tournaments I've played in this month, I am enjoying my tournament game at the moment. I'm making a lot of good decisions and have only variance to blame for not making a deep finish and decent cash. Having Aces busted by Jacks, Jacks by Sevens etc - also apart from the initial few seconds after the bad beats occur, I'm not feeling to bad about them as I know at some point the finger of fortune will point my way and I'll make a decent return on my time and effort.

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