Sunday, May 10, 2009

This game of Skill we play

I played in my weekly live game at t'Rose and Crown' this week. Determined not to make any daft plays and endeavour to cash - a feat only managed twice so far this year.

There was a slightly reduced turnout this Friday - due to the fact that 'Sheff United' began their march to the premiership on Friday with a Semi Final First leg match against Preston - I looked at my table listing and was pretty pleased with the names I saw on there. A couple of regulars who I had a fare idea of their playing styles, a couple of recent members that I felt I had the mark of. And 3 new faces that I would assess as the night wore on.

1 of these new members was a lovely young lady with a permanent smile, and a penchant for playing every pot dealt, her thought process being I've come out for a laugh and a few drinks, and I'm going to get my moneys worth. Judging from her early results on Friday evening I think she's going to be writing a chapter for the upcoming 'Super System 3'.

About 2 levels in a regular raised 4*BB from UTG+1 - which happened to be this ladies Big Blind, so having already put some money in she called -of course. The flop came 678 (2 clubs) - and she bet out (minimum bet of course) - the regular looked a little puzzled, as in all previous hands she had only called bets, I'd never seen her lead out at a flop previously. Anyway he raised her 3* Pot and she called, instantly.
The turn brings another 6 (Diamonds) - she leads out again (minimum bet of course) - the initial raiser raises again, and she called, instantly.
The flop brings 10 and the third Club - she leads out again (1000 this time !!) - and the regular is by this time completely confused. Its the joke of the table, by now, that the regular has Pocket Aces and he's in a complete quandary what to do - his opponent is just sitting there slightly embarrassed but with an ever present jolly smile on her face.
After an eternity of time the regular eventually calls showing down his pocket aces - although I can't believe he's beating anything, and I think he just called to see what she'd beat him with. - and she shows ........

After a 4*BB raise preflop, a 3*Pot raise on the flop - with straight possibilities, betting into a flop which could now host a full house, and into the river which completed any flush draws.

Qh 6h...... for bottom pair on the flop and trip sixes by the turn

It was worth the buy-in just to see the expression, and the reaction of the regular when he realised what she'd played to the river. And hear the ribbing he took for the remainder of the evening.

(She later bust me out when I pushed 8 BB with AQ, and got another bigstack caller along- she called us both with A5s and hit a flush on the turn !! ...... the bitch !! ;) )

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