Monday, June 22, 2009

Jensen ... who ?

Now I'm not a big fan of Grand Prix racing, seeing a red flash zoom past my eyes every 5 secs isn't my idea of enjoyment, although I do hear that the experience of a Grand Prix is something that can only be truly appreciated Live.
However I do listen to the Regular News and regular Sport's news - mainly through the BBC. And is it just me or does anyone else notice a slight disregard for Jensen Buttons F1 achievements this year ? Take this morning for instance on the Radio 1 8:30 News Bulletin, Button got scant mention of his 6th Position in yesterdays British Grand Prix. Yet they had around 5 x 3 second comments from the 'British Public' on their thoughts on Lewis Hamilton finishing 16th !!
Prior to every Grand Prix you tend to get as much mention of Lewis Hamilton, and how he's such a good driver in a poor car - than you do of poor old Jensen, who has been pissing all over the opposition for most of the year (Although if he had physically been pissing all over the opposition, I'm sure his publicity would increase a hundred fold ).
If you just skip back 12 months when Hamilton was doing so well, Button never got a mention at all, even though he was back then 'The Good Driver -in a crap car'
If Jensen was of mixed race would he get more of a mention ?

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