Thursday, June 11, 2009

You are the Weakest Link.... Goodbye

Flicking through the TV Channels this evening, and happened on the final Head-to-Head on 'The Weakest Link' - and this question was asked to the girl that had made the final 2.

"What is the TEAM Sport, introduced into the Olympics for Men in 1908, and for Women in 1980 - which was originally dominated by India, but now sees such countries as Netherlands, Germany and Australia being successful ?"

The girl thought for all of 2 seconds and came out with a great answer of "JAVELIN" !! .....

..... that's obviously the new TEAM version of the Javelin where one team member throws it and the other one attempts to catch it ?!?!

(The correct answer is of course Hockey)


BurnleyMik said...

The Batttle of the Plnets is just a run good competition mate!! You have to run like god to win it!

Glad to see you are still turning out the profits!

Hope it continues for you mate.



Littleacornman said...

Lol.Good spot.