Thursday, June 11, 2009

Virgin gives great head for €3

Had 2 sessions 4 Tabling the STT's on Stars yesterday and had a 2nd, 3rd and 2 unplaced in my first batch of 4 - then 3 wins out of 4 on my second batch which i was well chuffed with.
Hopefully the last batch of 4 are the starting 4 for the 'Battle of the Planets Challenge' that they have weekly on Stars, as another batch of decent results should see me post a fair score.

Tonight I felt a bit tired so left the STT's, and came across a€3 Bounty Tourney that had been promoted via a Virgin Facebook promotion. Now I'm usually awful at headhunters so wasn't expecting much, and my concentration started to waiver after around 20 minutes,but managed to grab myself 2 Bounties at €20 each, which made me a bit more attentive, and then win the tourney as well for another €50. So things are going well after leaving the cash games alone for a few days.

(Sorry for the lurid heading, but I'm trying to get the hits up on the site, and hopefully the title will introduce a new strain of reader via 'Google search' ........ Lol )

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