Sunday, July 05, 2009

Losing in Straight Sets

The Pokers started OK this month, I've been playing a few more MTT's than STT's but a few small cashes here and there has so far meant success at a similar rate to last Month.
However over the last couple of evenings, beginning with the Live game at the AOC, I've been getting my money in ahead and eventually losing to the rivered strait.
On the final table bubble at the AOC On Friday, I push with KK called by Ax - Looking good, Looking even better when I hit my set of Kings on the Q9K flop .... only for T..J to fall on the turn/river !
Then yesterday similar occurrences in a couple of my games when my K8 push got looked up by K7 for a board of K85...6...4. Then with KK again getting looked up by 67o and seeing a board of 835..J..9.
I know these things happen, but unusual for the same type of death blow to be dished out quite so often in such a small sample of games.
Anyway on the flip side, I went over to the darkside briefly to play a bit of cash and ended with a couple of really poor players on my tables (none of them in this instance where me :) ), so managed to end the evening with a slight profit.

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