Sunday, August 30, 2009

Long Time No Post ...

Sorry for lack of updates, been away in the Costa Del Sol for a few days - the sight of hailstones bouncing of the conservatory roof was sorely missed, but luckily was there to welcome me on my return.

It was our 25th Anniversary while we were away, and as a gift my missus stumped up £100 to pay me into the WCOAP Apat Event at DTD Nottingham. This was the first APAT Event I'd played and I enjoyed it immensley although I was pretty card dead all day eventually pushing my shortstack from the Big Blind in a limped pot, only to find my top pair (crap kicker) called by top pair (top kicker), and I went out in 52nd of the 157 Day 1a entrants.

I then decided to experience a live cash game for the first time (apart from some very small stakes home games). Now I know I'm a poor-very poor online cash game player, after failing at least 4 times to build some sort of online cash game progress through the limits. But while playing live I always play sober so thought this may level the playing field a little. And so it proved to be when after around an hours play at 50p>£1 NLHE I came off £65 to the good - removing all my cash game losses this year in one hit !!

However my joy was tinged with a little remorse, as most of my profit came from 2 fellow Ace of Clubbers - who missed their draws after I'd hit 2 pair holding the mighty 5-3 offsuit on a 8-5-3 flop. With all the money going in on the flop.

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