Tuesday, September 01, 2009


August proved another profitable month, thanks in the most part to my £300 runners up cash in the Virgin Independent Freeroll. Total profit for the month was $572.49.

I've not manged to rake enough points to qualify for this months (played in September) Virgin Final, so will need to look elsewhere for profit.

We start a Team Tourney on Betfair tonight, which lasts all month so I'll be aiming to can get some decent results in my matches in that - I'll also have a percentage in the overall teams profit, so hopefully my team-mates have a good month also !
As part of the competition involves raking up Betfair points I have decided to resurrect my OnLine cash game on Betfair - using Hold'Em Manager to track my progress. So beginning at the very lowest level playing 6-Max and moving up the Limits when I feel I've got the better of each level, or when I get bored whichever comes first !!

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