Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Star Letter

I've won another chipset this week, by getting the Star Letter in this months Poker Player magazine.
I'll soon be able to have a stall on Chesterfield Market flogging Chip Sets and Knockdown prices.

Heres the letter, it was in response to an article the previous month centering on 'Elky' Grospelier, and a mention of a $75k Weight Loss Prop Bet the story breifly mentioned.


Reading with interest your (excellent) article on ElKy in the current issue - but I'm not wholly sure Mr.Stuart can have got his facts right ?

Mark stated that ElKy lost 50lbs in 3 Months !! - Did he have both legs amputated, even for a prop bet of $75k I thought that seemed a little extreme.

So I thought i'd ask a dietary expert - my missus - prolific points counter, cabbage soup sipper , sin calculator and red/day green day exponent extrodinaire. After showing her the article she couldn't believe it either, and said if it was true then he should stand in for 'The fat useless cow' that charges £10 a week at her Monday Evening Slimming World Classes, only to tell her she's maintained (the same weight) for another week.

I know eLky 'Runs Like God' - but surely the God in question wasn't Buddha ??



1 comment:

Nick said...

50 pounds does sound a bit extreme - but perhaps not for an Elk? One antler and he's halfway there...