Friday, October 02, 2009


Just a quick end of month round up from September.

We ended up as runners up in the Punters Lounge 'Betfair' Competition - which means we get 27 Entries into the $18k ($109 Buy-In) during October, so chances for us to play a bigger buy-in than we can normally afford - plus hopefully make a decent bit of Cash.

I eventually cashed for the Team in my penultimate match, which along with my share of Team Profit and a couple of Final Table MTT finishes gave me a final profit of $189.82. Not too bad considering most of my month was taken up playing and supporting in the Betfair Games.

Also during October I have qualified for this months Independent League Final and I'm doing a Bankroll Challenge along with a few more from the forum, with the Target of $2 in Month. Yesterday didn't start very well :) ........ But hopefully the rest of the month will turn out OK.

My idea in the challenge is to find a way of 'grinding' a steady profit and then hopefully topping up my totals with a couple of decent MTT performances. Yesterdays losses came from trying to find the game which will give me a steady profit.
I think i've ruled out NLHE Ring games, although some Stud Cash games may be an option. Heads Up games, whilst I know I would win more than I lose, I'm not sure if they can give a big enough return within the Bankroll % you can invest at for each game. My biggest success yesterday came from 18 Man STT's, which also proved a source of good profit for me last year - before I became 'bored' of them.

So anyway I'll probably chop and change for a couple of days before I decide which way is best.

Good Luck everyone in October

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