Monday, October 19, 2009

X-Factor Live from 'The Priory'

Following on the increase in viewing figures gained from 'unique' performances from his 'Star Guests' in the previous 2 Weeks, by an apparently 'Off His Tits' Robbie Williams and Whitney Houston in here 'Skip Skop Scalleywag' persona, Simon Cowell has decided to continue the trend with this weeks show coming live from 'The Priory'.

Where they will be featuring 'Greatest Hits of Doped Up Shits' - the highight's will be 'Stacey' doing a rendition of her Step-Sister Amy's 'Rehab' and the not to be missed 'Duncan and Edward' putting their own original twist on 'Smells Like Teen Spirit'.

And if the shows crap, then the after show festivities should be worth watching on ITV1 an hour later.


Yorkshire Pud said...

Hahahaha! Quality.

Robbie was completely off his box, and if not then the guy has some serious issues!

Twitterpoker said...

I thought they were just doing "startled rabbit impressions", thinking it was an audition for Britains Got Talent.