Sunday, November 01, 2009

My Ideal Saturday

What a great way to spend a Saturday afternoon,the wife went Christmas Shopping, and the house was peaceful so I played 2 MTT's, and got 'The Mighty' Forfar Athletic started on their Scottish Third Division league campaign in Football Manager 2010

On the Poker Front

1st/14 Runners and 9th/409 Runners
... plus a bit of Micro Omaha Cash while they where in the early stages - where I came away with a Profit also.

Profit on the Day $101.09

(For those interested Forfar went out in the first round in the 2 Cups, but have begun their assault on the League with a 0-0 home Draw against Stranraer, and a thumping 3-0 away win against Berwick )


ROSSI said...

LOL football manager, been aching to buy it and play it again. Lived for football manager from the age of about 14. Though gave it up some years ago to play poker

dD said...

lol the mighty Forfar .... fk me, long time since someone said that !
nice profit pn the day Sir.