Friday, November 06, 2009

A Couple of Sparklers on Bonfire Night

After months of avoiding IPoker due to the disconnection problems I was having due to being on AOL, I had a comeback and play letter from Betfred - to which I replied moaning about the connection problems I get with the IPoker sites. Surprisingly I had a prompt reply explaining that the problems are of AOL's making due to their restrictive bandwidth at peak times - but that if I kept the lobby closed the problem wasn't as bad.

So looking for tourneys to play I decided to put some money on Victor Chandler to play their Daily $100 added game, and see if keeping the lobby closed helped the situation.

.......... Result !! and a Result !! ............. The site played without issues and I cashed in the tourney in 4th Position.

To avoid my interest drifting with just the one tourney open, and vowing to not touch the cash tables for a while, I opened up another couple of small tourneys - one on Betfair and the €1k Gtd on Boss.
Another Result when 4hrs later I win the Boss Tourney beating another 409 people in the process and earn €285.97 ($424.86) for my time !!

On a slightly more problematic note I'm having trouble with my PC Network Connections - really weird in that some websites just won't load .... the Browser tab shows the sites name but just sticks at loading status, its happening on the Ace of Clubs forum page and also William Hill Sports pages . I've tried IE8 as well as my regular Firefox, scanned for Malware, cleared my Browser cache, added the latest Java and Flash updates, but nothing seems to work. Hopefully it'll go as mysteriously as it appeared.

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