Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Ok... Who flicked the Doomswitch ?

Feeling the bad side of variance over the last few days in my tourneys.

I've never been really short always playing the hands strongly pre-flop, some instance getting it all-in pre with expectations winning a big pot, but the KO hands have been exceptionally cruel ........ These are the KO hands from my last 7 Tourneys. (My hands first)

AA v ATs - I hit Trips on a J,Q,A flop !! and the river brings a King to give him a Straight.
QQ v 54o - He hits Two Pair on the flop and makes a Full House by the River
KK v 77- First card on the flop a 7
KK v TT - Second card on flop a Ten
KK v 88 - First card on flop an 8 .... (I'm beginning to hate KK)
99 v AK - Queen , Ten on Flop - Jack on River

Then I did cash in second place in this, but still a sick beat when we had level(ish) stacks. Making it worse was that I'd deliberately limped as I knew he would push.

AK v K5 - Flop T,A,6 ........ Turn -5 .......... River - 5

I need to be playing some big value tourneys in the coming days, when someone turns the Doomswitch off, and the variance works in my favour.

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