Wednesday, November 11, 2009

One silly mistake after another ....

I'm continuing my Tourney Only mode, and playing well for the first 3/4's of a Tourney than playing like a complet dolt when I'm nearing the money.

Started at the AOC Live game on Friday, on the final table , sitting on a decent stack when I try an all-in Bluff on the river against what I thought was a weak river bet. The bluff was called and I'm left as the table shortstack.Out about 5 hands later.

Tonight got down to the final table in a Small MTT on betfair, 2 from the money and I call an All-In from a Shortstack while I'm holding crap - he shows AT and I'm out next hand.

Then on William Hill, going OK in about 20th of 50, when a 4 way limped pot in the BB I get Q4 on a flop of AQA. Check,Check,Check,Bet,Call,Call (Me) , Min-Raise (Obviously an Ace !!), Fold, Fold, All-In (me ??!?! - WTF).

Really pissing me off now - I need to curb my boredom and wait for the right spots.

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