Sunday, February 28, 2010

February Figures

Better Month in February, when I changed tack and moved onto the Multi Table STT's - Mainly 18 Man but a few 27 Man and 180 Mans thrown in.
Watched a few Videos on Deuces Cracked to point me in the right direction, for my assault on the STT's,and started off with loads of winning days which helped soften the bad beats towards the back end of the month. I started of on Stars with an excellent ROI - But think I took the aggression a little to far as I became a little over confident -- with the low buy-ins I've been playing you can get called pretty light even if its for their tournament lives, so after hit a downswing over the last week I moved onto Full Tilt, where there are no Antes and the levels move up a little slower - so IMO not quite as necessary to over-egg the aggression - and to use position and attack the tighter stacks.

I had planned to make the 180 Man my main game but found that the gap between cashes got a little disheartening - even though I had a ROI of around 70% on a very small sample size.

I ended up playing 258 STT's all at Lowest buy-ins with a return of $100 + and a ROI of about 30%.
The cash games where almost no-existent with just 8 sessions, almost all just to get raked hands requirements for various tourneys. I still managed to lose around -$27 from those few sessions !!
The MTT's again I played remarkably few an average of 1 a day, and that includes a fair few freerolls - yet from my 27 games I managed to return $138+ , still overall the best way to make money for a low stakes player like me - although they do take up so much time, and its easy to have a long string of games without any decent return.

Anyway plan for March is more of the same, I will play a 1000 STT's before moving up a Buy-In, and hope to have another crack at the 180's again this month -I may play a few of the Full Tilt non-Turbo 180's as well to see if it suits a little better. I will again leave the cash games alone, but maybe try and play a few more lower buy-in MTT's if I can find some decent ones that don't contain 1000's of players.

Final Profit for Feb was +$251.66

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Yorkshire Pud said...

If you're playing on FT then the Early Daily Double's ar every soft and the payouts are pretty good too. Usually around 1200 fish in there but most are gone by the first break.

Thknk entry is $5+$1 due to the bonuses available for double cashing etc.