Thursday, March 25, 2010

Back to Plan A

Think next week I'll revert back to the STT's that served me so well early on in the month - I've been playing more MTT's without much luck over the last few weeks.
The STT's don't offer the chance for that massive win but will hopefully build up my bankroll steadily - which is what its all about.

Don't think I'll get much Poker Online this weekend as I hope to be down at AOC tomorrow for a PL Omaha tourney, which should be fun for a change, then Saturday myself and fellow AOC member 'Spawny Bastard' are playing as part of the PuntersLounge Team in a £50 Buy-In Charity Event at DTD, so hoping for a late night and nice cash there. Which aligned with the fact that the clocks go forward on Sunday Morning might mean a late start Sunday - knowing me I'll probably be knackered all day, I really do need a full nights kip otherwise I'm like a zombie the next day.

Then next week I'm off work - and I'm pretty sure the weather will be shit, so the tables may get visited quite regularly - see if I could earn more in 8 hrs at the tables than I could 8 hrs at work !!

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