Thursday, April 01, 2010

March - What happened to the Weather

There's an old English saying associated with March - 'In Like a Lion, and Out Like a Lamb' which is supposed to reflect the weather accompanying the entrance and exit of the month, but it could well have been written for my Poker exploits during the month - Starting of with a 'roaring' $200+ profit start after a few days and ending up with a 'meek' $140+ Profit by the end of the month.

Said in the previous post I was going to concentrate solely on STT's this month but will also mix in a few MTT's with a daily sprinkling of STT's. Also going to mix the field sizes a bit which means spreading my interest over more than a few sites - as the Big Bucks, Big Fields of Pokerstars aren't conducive to regular steady profit, so I'll be running these alongside some 30-70 + fields on UB,Betfair and Cake.

Fingers Crossed for a better month.

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