Friday, April 30, 2010

Pokerstars Summer Festival Freerolls

This month again is a little mediocre on the Poker Profits front, mainly due to the fact that I've been playing a fair few highly subscribed games in the Pokerstars Summer Festival tournaments, which usually means 4 hrs play for about a $1 profit !!

Although TBF they do offer entry into a $100k event at end of the promotion ....

I do find it a little strange that the 'SUMMER FESTIVAL of FREEROLLS' runs from/during April to May ?? - those clued up Yanks have obviously realised that those 2 Days around the middle of May where the temperature reaches a heady 62 Degrees constitutes an English Summer.

Following on from the success of these they are apparently planning the CHRISTMAS CRACKER SPECIAL FREEROLLS in November - and the HOPPITY HOPPITY LEAP YEAR FREEROLLS EXTRAVAGANZA begins in February 2011.


Games, Entertaiment, Hobby, said...

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1tripz1 said...

Eurgh, those huge fields for very little profit, madness if you ask me! All the power to the guys who do it day in day out!

Great blog by the way, have linked you to mine. Can you also drop me a mail? Contact details on my profile.


Donnie said...

yeh i agree all a bit of a big gimmick. very hard to make solid profit. too much time and money for little reward in my opinion tbh.

Jumper said...

Stars have changed their payout structure so more people cash. Can't complain at the free money though. Managed to qualify for the final on Sunday and the payout is deep with $10k going to the winner.