Thursday, May 27, 2010

Help!! ... the Aged..

Last weekend I went shopping into our local town to buy my dad a couple of presents for Fathers Day, being a bit 'old fashioned' he usually likes clothes from traditional shops such as Marks & Spencer, Co-Operative etc.

So I ventuired into M&S and chose him a nice Shirt, and some socks - (probably could have got similar for 1/2 the price at Primark !!) and proceeded to the counter to pay. There were 2 Middle Aged operatives at the tills and a line of around 7 Old People waiting to be served .... Agony, is to kind a word for it !!
Everyone of the pensioners that went to the till took an age to be served, it seems that unless you can't explain how your feeling today and then recall the tale of what happened last week when you came in the shop, then your shopping experience isn't complete.
On top of this you have the joy of watching the old people trying 3 pin numbers and 2 debit cards before hitting upon the correct combination - things where a lot easier before decimalisation - apparently.
Then to top it all with a queue now resembling the 1980's 'Labours Not Working' Poster - the shop assistant has to ask them if they have a Store Card, and if not would they like one today - which needs repeating at least 3 times to the hearing impaired customer. ..... FML !!

I'm therefore disappointed not to hear in yesterdays Queens Speech a new law in the next parliament that outlaws anyone over the age of 60, and lets throw the unemployed into the mix as well, from doing their shopping at Weekends.
These groups get plenty of time off - (like forever!) - that there's no reason that the working/tax paying public should have our leisure time eaten into by getting slowed down by the aged, and infirm at the weekends... :)

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Nick (Cloud) said...

You should have offered to help them with the debit cards - memorised the numbers, mugged them outside the shop, and then gone on a very expensive shopping spree.

That would teach em!!!!