Thursday, May 27, 2010

Its the thoughts that count

While walking through town early this evening with my missus, we had to descend down a steepish cobbled street on our way to Maccy D's for a nutrious evening meal.
Coming up the hill towards us in the middle of the street was what appeared to be a street beggar in a wheelchair, he appeared to have had an amputation below the knee, hence his need for a wheelchair, and he was struggling to propel himself up the hill, sweating and puffing prefusely pushing the wheels of his chair against the incline and the cobbled street.

My missus saw him and said to me ...
"Look at that poor bloke struggling, I think we ought to go and give him a hand"..

To which I quickly replied ...
"He's got two good ones already, its another leg he could do with"

At which point she called me a heartless bastard, and thumped me very painfully in the kidneys !

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