Monday, May 31, 2010

May it end quickly

May has been a real struggle on the results front, in my 4 Years of playing I've never known so many bad beats for big tournament defining pots - I'm never one to overly moan about bad beats but towards the end of the month it began to be as though I was expecting shit to happen on the turn or river.
I can now understand where those 'Online Poker is Rigged' conspiracy theories come from :)

Anyway as I doubt I'll be playing much if any games tonight, aligned with the fact that I just want May to end so I can post some positive score I'm calling time on Mays results now with a final profit post of £221-19 - which is pretty much par for the year, but the underlying results where poor as the bulk (all) of the profit came from a €200 Bounty in a tournament I didn't cash in, plus around $70 from sites giving me Money !!

Not included in the above I've also got a £25 World Cup Bet which I won through Betfred - not sure if I can play it on any World Cup Market, but if its on an outright winner then I'm going to take their 12/1 about the Italians winning again. (although you can get 14's at other firms)
I've not read an awful lot on the World Cup form, or taken much information from the friendlies being played - but I'm a great believer in trends within football, and a few that stick out in my mind about the World Cup are that

- The Home Nation always do well
- There's always a big price winner of one of the groups
- Apart from Argentina,Brazil all other South American/Central American Teams doing nothing away from the American Continent
.... taking all the above into consideration SOUTH AFRICA are a massive 7/1 in places to win group A

Anyway I'm sure the World Cup will mean a reduction in Poker Hours in June - which the way I feel about Poker right now might be a good thing !!

EDIT: - Placed My Free Bets - £15 ITALY OUTRIGHT @ 12/1 and £10 SOUTH AFRICA to WIN GRP A @ 6/1

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