Wednesday, July 14, 2010

To Nice for this Poker Lark ?

Can't gee up any interest in playing Poker this month, don't know if I've become totally bored with it or whether its just a temporary thing. I've been out a few nights playing Golf which I have really enjoyed, and also purchased a few games for the PC - I'd probably only bought around 2 games since I started playing Poker over 3 years ago prior to these - 'A Call of Duty Bundle' of 5 Games for a nice £20 plus a copy of a game I've read a fair bit about 'Batman Arkham Asylum Game of the Year Edition', and I'm enjoying playing those for a few hours each evening instead of the Poker.

I'm off work this week, doing a few jobs that needed doing around the home and when I booked the days off I planned to have a couple of days playing Poker Tournaments when I'd done my chores - but the way its panning out I'll probably been re-enacting the 'Siege of Stalingrad', or saving the World from the clutches of 'The Joker'- I'm around $60 down for the small amount of Poker I have played, but even the thought of having a losing month isn't a spur to start pumping up the volume of games - In fact playing when my heart wasn't in it is probably the reason I'm currently showing a loss.

There are a couple of Magazine Freerolls, and a PuntersLounge game coming up over the next couple of days so that may re-ignite my passion for the game. If not I'll probably leave it a while until the dark nights and bad weather hits back on us.


BurnleyMik said...

Like the new look mate.

I know what you mean, sometimes finding the motivation is harder than actually playing. A break usually does the trick for me personally. I keep reading about it and keeping up with the news, but don;t actually play any poker.

Good luck whatever you choose.


JRaz said...

Agree with BurnleyMik 100%. Sometimes it's just hard to find the motivation to keep going with it. Taking some time off means you'll come back refreshed and the game will have some excitement back.