Friday, July 30, 2010

JN6 ... Pre Moneymaker Addicitivness

Still not got the interest back fully for poker - I played a few full evenings during the rainy week, with a small profit from the Low Stake MTT's - played well but no final tables, and a good run at Rush Micro Stakes Omaha. This turned around my $100 loss into around a $30 plus - don't think I'll get anymore Table Time in now as we have a busy weekend with friends from afar visiting - but pretty confident that as the nights begin to draw in that I'll pick up full speed again. I've found a nice 'niche' of about 10-12 Tourneys Low Buy in MTT's an evening to choose from when I begin playing again more regularly.

I also found my copy of a PC Game that I used to play almost as much as I have poker over the last 3 years - Online Tourneys each evening against other (better) players via the MSN Gaming Zone - Jack Nicklaus 6 'Golden Bear Challenge'. Unfortunately I couldn't get it working on my Vista OS, until I managed to find a Vista Install process on the Net - Hurrah for the Internet.

The pre-runner to the Tiger Woods XBox/PC games but IMO far more addictive and fun to play

Another plus is that the custom course could take 4-5 hrs to download with a dial-up connection, now with Broadband I can download the biggest courses in 2-3 minutes. Although there is very little Online activity or Comps now, and the people that do play them seem to post unreal low-scores so I doubt I'll ever be competitive again so I'll play it for a few weeks until the novelty has worn off, by that time summer will well and truly be gone.

If anyone has an old copy that they want to use on a Vista PC heres the link to make it work
'How to Install JN6 on a Vista OS'

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