Thursday, September 02, 2010

August Update - For whats its worth !

Still no incentive to play - Played 2 Tourneys all Month, and a handful of STT's, almost all of those teaching the Daughters boyfriend a few tips on how to play.
Not even been on a site since 15th August ....

I've enjoyed a few games of Golf, Squash, been out for a couple of meals, to the pictures and walking at weekends in the Peak District. !! - During the week I'm attempting to take Teversal FC - (Northern Counties East League D1) to Premiership and Champions League Success on Football Manager 2010.

My results for the few bits I've played was a small loss of $26.78.

There may be no Poker Blogs at all in October if I'm in the same frame of mind ..... But if your interested in Teversal FC's rise to World Football Supremacy then watch this space ....


BurnleyMik said...

Ahh FM, My lappy can't handle the new one even though I bought it, so one day I'll actually get to play it!

Good luck if you do play this month mate.



Seo1990 said...

Teversal updates will be awesome Martyn plz plz do it, Mik sort yourself something to play FM11 on because theres been a shit load of changes, it looks immense.

Lazarus Lupin said...

I was a little afraid to dive in here with a title like badger's ballbag.. but I like it and its fun.

Lazarus Lupin
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