Saturday, January 01, 2011

Happy New Year

Started playing again on a pretty regular basis from Mid-December onwards, with a few rest days over Christmas, so happy with the $129+ profit. Albeit could have been better with a few smaller cashes that should have been bigger, if I'd had a little more patience.

Overall even allowing for the missed months, it was still a poor year profit wise - But I think I've got the bug back again so hopefully 2011 will be the best yet Poker wise !!

Hope everyone else has a happy and successful year also, in Life, Poker or whatever you do !!

--- We've agreed minimum target of $1,200 this year to pay for a Luxury Tree House break at Centreparcs in January 2012 - plus a bit on top to pay for Xmas 2011 !!

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Mike & Louise Saban said...

Best of luck Martyn.