Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Works is getting in the way

Been setting out with the best intentions to hit the tables this week, but my real job keeps getting in the way !

Tonight I didn't get out of there until 19:45 which means home around 20:10 and too late to start any of the Low Stakes MTT's - as I'm also wanted in work for 08:00 tomorrow - anything started after 20:00 means a well past midnight finish, which means I either feel knackered all day at work - or end up playing less then optimal trying to finish the games early.

The first two weeks of each month are becoming a real 'mare at work with early starts, late finishes and working at home being par for the course, and it all adds upto me not being in a good frame of mind for Poker Playing in the evenings, and last weekend was taken up with work that I'd sent home to finish.

I had started the month well up almost $90 after 3 days play, then due to the above aligned with a $16 donation trying to win at Rush poker, as I couldn't fit any tourneys in, I'm only sitting at $77 profit 12 days in .... I think a realistic achievement of $200 is most I can hope for this month - not going to get rich at that rate.

Hopefully I can start and finish on time for the next couple of weeks - before the month of February comes along and rips my game plan to shreds again.

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