Tuesday, February 01, 2011

So far So good

Had a full month at the tables in January, give or take the odd work commitment and ended + $214 - Which for my low stakes entries is pretty fair going.
The WBCOOP was a bit of a waste of time from my point of view, even if I'd won a few SCOOP Tickets (which I didn't) don't think they're much use for recreational players like myself, as you need to devote a fair chunk of a day to play in the SCOOP tourneys if you're seriously trying to cash.
We've been making use of the New Home Games bolt-on on Pokerstars over last month or so, a lad from work set a group up, which has been a good laugh - also a couple of groups set up from PL which also played in a good atmosphere and a good laugh is had.

A lad from the works home game group has had a couple of cashes in some of the 180 Man Turbos on Pokerstars, and he now thinks this Poker Game could be an easy way to earn a decent living - I've tried to tell him that its not and pointed out few of the Blogs I read of those who do this for a living to show that there's a lot of work needed to become a consistent winning player. He's not convinced however and is thinking of booking a few days off to see how much money he can really make !! - I said he may need to progress from playing one STT at a time to have any chance of making money, and to prove the point I found out an article on one of the Supernova Elite guys from last year 'Jorj95' and showed him the bit about him playing 200 STT's an hour !! - Quite unbelievable

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