Monday, March 07, 2011

February Summary - Not quite ready

No February update yet, as I'm still finishing off my staking which win or lose will form part of February's figures.It'll probably end up a very small loss, unless I have a good result in my last 2 staking games.

This month (and back end of last month) I have concentrated mainly on Cash tables, for a couple of reasons.
1. I need to earn 100 pts on Poker Idol to continue in a team tournament on there at end of Month. I only had to earn 50pts last month and it cost me $35+ to get them - which makes for a bloody expensive Freeroll competition. I lost the money playing Omaha, as I theorized that the pots would be bigger and the pts would rack up quicker. Although I didn't theorize that I'd be $35 out of pocket !!
2. I'm certain I should be able to become a winning cash player, even if only at the micro stakes - I'm fine at tournaments but have always been impatient and hence rubbish at cash games. So I've forked out a fair few $$$ on a book which had good reviews and so far its working well - I'm only playing micro full ring, maybe 4 max tables at a time, and one of those being the Poker Idol site to rack my points up. I'm not going to tempt fate but so far I'm pleased with how its going.

** EDIT **
Just played the last 2 staking games this evening and finished 3rd for $106 - Which means a 32% Return for my stakers and a small profit of $10+ on the month after all monies paid out.
I'm just pleased that the stakers got a return rather than the lack of profit for me :)

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