Monday, March 07, 2011

Look what you could have won ....Better than a Speedboat ....

"Super Smashin Lovely" as the doyen of Darts Mr Jim Bowen would say ... tonight I've won two VIP tickets for the PDC Premier League Darts at MEN Arena on Thursday - plus $200 for expenses.

A few managers from work went to the Nottingham Leg the other week and commented how good a crack it is, something a little different and great value for a $5 entry (17 runners - Top 2 Win Tickets).

As the missus looked in disgust when I asked her if she fancied going to the event, Ive asked a guy from work - he actually paid for a ticket at Nottingham and couldn't go due to family reasons, so should be a nice recompense for him - plus I'm hoping he'll drive as he's got a nice company car and not sure my 25 Year Old Rover will go that far !!

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