Wednesday, June 01, 2011

Last Post

The content of the blogs diminished of late and I've lost the desire to keep updating, so I'll post my final figures for May and this will be the last post ... on this blog. I've ideas for a new blog, and Poker/Betting challenge, in the future and will post the link on here or beg for links from the followers and blogs I read regularly.

The final figures for may were a $326 profit, which as I was away for 15 of the 31 days I'm pretty pleased with.

Thanks to all the readers, past and present and hopefully I'll get the blogging mojo back sooner than later, in the meantime I will be reading all my favorites blogs on a regular basis.

Sunday, May 01, 2011

April Ends

Not a great month profit wise April - only $109. But on the positives most of that came from Cash games which shows continued improvement in that area, and on top of the cash I've also won my IPad which is a great little tool.
The tourneys were disappointing and my ventures into STT's , albeit very sporadic, again provided a loss.

Good Luck to the Ace of Clubs team who are playing in a team event at Newcastle this weekend, last year was a great success with one of our lads ending up as individual winner and the team finishing 3rd overall. I'm afraid I couldn't make this years and they have had to put in a patched up team to fill out to the full 10, but I'm sure they'll enjoy the weekend again and with a little fortune maybe win some cash between them.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Thunderbirds Shuffle Up and Deal

Has anyone watched the latest series of High Stakes Poker on Pokertube ...... I'm certain the new 'Host' - Norm MacDonald - used to be Scott Tracey on Thunderbirds. Not only in his performance and looks but also his mannerisms

Full Ring Cash Woes Pt 2

I love Full Ring Cash games ....

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Full Ring Cash Woes

Fuck Off Ring Games is all I have to say ................

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Starting from Scratch ....

After reading Mikes new blog and having a bigger screen - after treating myself this week. I've decided to resurrect an old betfair account, which has zilch in, and see if I can keep up with Mike in his attempt to become a high roller - I'll only be having the freerolls running at the same time as my regular tourneys, but it may reduce my concentration lapses, and hopefully prove profitable.
I'll only blog any notable milestones on here and will probably put any balance counts and serious bad beats on the AOC Forum pages.

Weekend Woes

Been my first hit of bad form on the Full Ring tables this weekend, and my profits dropped around $50 :(

Think I've become a little lack in the aggression, plus I've fired up 6 tables now I've got the bigger screen - which probably hasn't helped.
I've also had some awful beats on the Tourneys tonight which hasn't helped the mindset ...

I'm working through a small bonus on Full Tilt which should regain a bit back and will probably drop back down to 4 tables max, and not mix with the tourneys until I'm more in the comfort zone.

So bad weekend after promising start to the month, time to get back on track though.

Monday, April 04, 2011

iPad2 4 U

Beat 490ish other players last night in a $2 Tourney on 888.Com and won myself an IPAD2, just ordered from the site and expecting delivery within 30 Days.
Down to 3 with Chip Stacks pretty even, 2 players win an IPad, and I pick up AA in the Big Blind. The SB makes it 1.5 BB and I flat call, the flop comes an incredible AKA - !! I flat call his flop bet and we both Check the J on the Turn. The river drops a Ten and he puts in a 1/2 pot bet - I just know he's hit his Straight, I push over the top and he insta calls - Thank You Very Much !!

.... a £400 IPad is heading my way ....

Sunday, April 03, 2011

Marching on

Happy with the Poker results in March, especially as I continued my 'success' at Ring games, although I must try and keep improving and not rest on my laurels. So I intend to get a first complete read through of the book by the end of April, with the intention to keep revisiting chapters and applying them more completely as I get more comforatble with the HEM Stats and what they indicate in the way of players future actions.

I also had a couple of decent MTT returns for my low stakes with a 2nd in the Vroll for £50 and a couple of final table finishes in the UKPPL Sunday Tourneys which have a $1k added to the pool.

Which gave an overall profit of $526.95 below is my Ring Game graph

Preparation for Augusta

With the Clocks moving forward last Sunday, this meant a first chance for a round of golf after work. This year the intention is to play Thursday evenings with 3 from work, we are all as bad as each other so we can hopefully improve together over the year.
I used to enjoy golf, but lost interest a few years ago due a little to lack of motivation, and more to not having someone who would be willing to make a weekly game. I've no great ambition to be a great golfer, I'd just be happy to be able to restrict the 'duff' shots to less than 5 or 6 a round and consistently score in the 90's for a full 18 holes.
As its still too much to ask to get a full 18 holes in after work at the moment, as it drops dark still around 1930 and we can't tee off much before 1730, we will be playing a few 9 holes courses for the first few weeks or so. This week the 9 Hole Course at Morley Hayes was the venue and it was very short - not much more than an extended Pitch and Putt - think the longest hole was around 300 yds - as the big problem with my golf game is hitting woods off the Tee it suited me very well as I only needed to use a wood twice (and could probably have avoided those shots, but felt I ought to try and have a go at working through the 'Wood Problem' - that sounds like a sexual dysfunction, but its not :))
Anyway after 9 holes I led the 'field' by 2 shots and posted respectable +10 which hopefully bodes well for the coming summer months.