Wednesday, June 01, 2011

Last Post

The content of the blogs diminished of late and I've lost the desire to keep updating, so I'll post my final figures for May and this will be the last post ... on this blog. I've ideas for a new blog, and Poker/Betting challenge, in the future and will post the link on here or beg for links from the followers and blogs I read regularly.

The final figures for may were a $326 profit, which as I was away for 15 of the 31 days I'm pretty pleased with.

Thanks to all the readers, past and present and hopefully I'll get the blogging mojo back sooner than later, in the meantime I will be reading all my favorites blogs on a regular basis.


Mike said...

Know what you mean about poker blogs, run its course and all that.

Looking forward to hearing the challenge.I too will looking forward to Mr William Hill shelling out for a family trip to Florida hopefully sooner rather than later.

All the best

zenetik said...

Let us know when u launch your new blog!

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kevin kirkwood said...

I became on the right path once i read about your blog.