Sunday, November 18, 2007

DTD -vs- RTR Final Round

Just been knocked out of the final DTD/RTR League Promotion, and almost certainly will miss the final four now. I started well with Aces knocking out Kenny on his flush draw, then couldn't really get anything going before having Phishfood raise me 3*BB from the Button while I was in the BB with AKs. I pushed all in and he made a strange call with 9Ts - of course the Bad Beat happened when the T came on the River. I eventually finished 10th and feel certain it means I'll miss the final four.

Edit : I've luckily managed to retain 4th place, due to tonights winner Kronstadt forgetting to register on the RTR site, for tonights game.

An unfortunate end to the League, and I feel a little sorry for Kronstadt - but theres no point having rules if they aren't enforced in these type of situations. If the position was reversed I would feel exactly the same. Although it's making these type of decisions that led point 4 in my
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Hopefully the event will take place, as no definite date has been set, and we can win whatever it is you win for RTR.


Raisetheriver said...

Shame it had to end the way it did, but will see you there mate.

Word from DTD is that the event will be in January, but struggling to get actual confirmation of this.

Also if team RTR wins we all get a share of the prize, so lets bring home the bacon!

Anonymous said...

Mr Joe -

I know I'm a pain in the backside, but I can't keep away.

Here's my new (and final) blogging home.

Regards - Mr Cloud