Monday, December 17, 2007

Going to Potts

We watched a documentary last night about this years 'Britain's Got Talent Winner' - Opera Singer,Paul Potts. It was the usual rags to riches type of story, over dramatised and exaggerated - but nevertheless a nice hours worth of TV.

Anyway I went up to see my Mum and Dad this evening, and in conversation asked my Dad if they'd watched the Documentary about Paul Potts last night. Now my dad is quite poor of
hearing and he stood there a few seconds, as though he was trying to work out what I'd asked.

As he sat down in his chair with his cup of tea he came out with the reply -"No we didn't watch it ...... he killed millions of people didn't he ?? "

"What singing Nessum Dorma ?" - I asked

"No", replied my Dad, "When he ruled Cambodia"

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